Why I Bought 7,650 Theta Tokens

Why I Purchased 7,650 Theta Tokens

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I am a cryptocurrency investor. I am an advocate of the revolution of disruption we are experiencing as history unfolds ahead of us and the technological advancement it brings.

Having been self-employed the bulk of my daily life, I have worn the hats of a lot of and have discovered a excellent several lessons in the process. Investing my lifestyle seeking for my explanation for currently being here, obtaining my passion and drive, following all that I have achieved, cryptocurrency has answered a lot of queries.

I have established an impeccable track record for generating substantial returns on my crypto investments and took to Youtube to share my processes, thoughts and methods to help other people accomplish what I have therefore far.

I also have a platform in development called http://MoonRunner.io to aid ICO and crypto traders manage multiple portfolios for themselves, close friends, loved ones and other traders.

Thank you for joining me in my mission to establish accurate economic independence outdoors of the 9-5 grind that we have all been educated to accept because birth. It is a new age, remember to Crow Your Coins and do your homework. We are just acquiring began.
The Crypto Crow

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