What Is Happening To Litecoin?! Litecoin Will Still Surpass Bitcoin Cash In 2018!

What Is Occurring To Litecoin?! Litecoin Will Still Surpass Bitcoin Money In 2018!

Litecoin and the cryptocurrency marketplace as a total is down proper now. Litecoin has received so much hate I made a decision to examine litecoin’s future and exactly where I see LTC heading. This FUD is just a way for the whales to helps make 1000’s, perhaps even millions off of you selling your cryptocurrency when the market is down. Do not think almost everything you hear in the media, never believe all the negativity. I have witnessed many Youtubers really bitter with their predictions and the second they see the smallest dip they try to act like they are cryptocurrency cost prediction gods. I am not for the negativity, I believe in litecoin and the long term of cryptocurrency and how we ultimately have the possibility to quit banks. Banking institutions are our most significant enemy in the world of cryptocurrency. Never give up your litecoin to a whale, stay strong and HODL on!

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Disclaimer: I am not a monetary adviser. This is just a discussion on Litecoin. Often do your own investigation just before creating any sort of investment. Particularly with something as volatile as cryptocurrency!

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