Top ten MOST Horrible FEATURED Amounts (Geometry Dash two.11)

Leading 10 MOST Horrible FEATURED Levels

I needed to make this video for a lengthy time, gathering amounts in excess of the previous year. All of the degree shown in this video had been featured in the 2.1 update. That mentioned, I am judging them by the update. Some of these levels are not really that undesirable becoming brought down by only a few elements in the level, but some are just flat out bad and should not have been rated or featured. I presently know everyone is gonna get triggered in the comments but prior to you begin your tumblr rant in the comments feel about my criticism initial.

1. Below
two. Ectoplasm
3. Viking Arena v2
4. Minimum
five. Curly Skies
6. PeanutButter
7. Insta
eight. Wistful Want
9. Abandoned Long term
ten. Slumit

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