Cryptocurrency Mining Cost Breakdown

Cryptocurrency Mining Value Breakdown

BBT VLOG Series – episode 3 part 1

Carter requires a vital and tactical deep dive on the price related to cryptocurrency mining. This application can be utilized to ANY currency that is applicable mining with GPU/CPU at any scale (one rig to 1000+)

DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrency can be volatile, do your research! This video is to give you insight on the expense aspects associated to fixed/variable agnostic to the volatile value of crypto. i.e. back in the day in early mining of bitcoin, it was far from profitable, nonetheless men and women nonetheless did it. These early adopters believed in the program and invested into its good results by keeping the network.

Hyperlinks utilised in video:
Energy Calculator power-calculator.htm

Killawatt meter to measure your electrical value power-Utilization-Keep track of/dp/B00009MDBU

Other crypto-calculators

File Model – Simple Excel v1. Model (based on this breakdown)
Modify network hash charge / notional pricing for revenue model

Video Details:
BBTVLOG Host – Michael Carter

Filmed with a Sony FDR-AX33 – recorded in 4k

Rhode VMGO Microphone

Audio Particulars:
Song Sampled with Permission: P.R.E.A.C.H Stl – Submarine
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