BCH Bitcoin Cash November 21 Entry $1150 $1200, T1 $1375, T2 $1,600

BCH Bitcoin Income November 21 Entry $1150 $1200, T1 $1375, T2 $1,600

November 22 Update. BCH hits $1355 at 8AM CST

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Risk to Reward Ratio two.81:one
ENTRY Cost = 1150-1200
TARGET 1 = $1375
Cease Loss = $1100
CHAIN TO Obtain = 17.26%
Opportunity TO Shed = six.15%

Chance to Reward Ratio 5.7:1
ENTRY Price tag = 1150-1200
TARGET one = $1,600
Stop Reduction = $1,one hundred
PROBABILITY = fifty five%
CHAIN TO Gain = 36.23%
Likelihood TO Get rid of = 6.15%

Please often don’t forget we trade using probability and not all trades are winners. We manage our danger with end losses and consider to win more than time. People that don’t comprehend this, and anticipate only to having winning trades, will usually drop cash in excess of time.

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Luna’s individual bitfinex account:

Dash: XrcdPdXdDnRgG4kjXqUd2cXKZKSUVUsvu9
Ethereum: 0x2538b728f9682fc1dc2e7db8129730f661753850
Bitcoin Funds: 1AY2FPANCe5URB71Nvy6tkCgoTS8iHgmZD
BTC tackle: 1PruhmsYXU2gPkNw574xZSMyBG4YW5Wnq9
EOS Tackle: 0x2538b728f9682fc1dc2e7db8129730f661753850
ETP Deal with : MTR3P7m5KwHfE1aY51ha2YAQWQhRMPm1VA
OMG Tackle: 0x2538b728f9682fc1dc2e7db8129730f661753850

The greatest purpose is to assist the crypto neighborhood simply because I believe there’s a lack of these kind of video clips. I want to share every little thing I have discovered because knowledge is only energy if passed on. These are educational movies intended to teach how to think via imagined-out rationalization.


I am not a economic adviser, nor am I providing you any ideas on when to purchase, promote, etc. I’m simply stating my opinions and what I personally look for. These that follow my trades blindly and will not recognize danger management, will often drop in excess of time. I deal with chance in a different way. Not all trades are winners. We manage our risk with stop losses and win in excess of time. Even if we have entered at a equivalent price tag, I can micro handle my risk, by shedding, incorporating, reducing, and so on, but those calls aren’t created. As a result in spite of entering near the exact same cost, I might come out properly ahead whilst you may get a loss, even if we exit at the identical cost when the industry goes against my get in touch with. Remember, I constantly profit In excess of TIME, and am not targeted on winning each single trade. As extended as we win far more than we drop more than time. I want to be really clear so you realize the outcomes will constantly be different even if we take the identical trade. I Control Chance and see this game as a probability. Consequently, be forewarned.

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